FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I buy and register kupukoo any time after I purchase my mobile?

A: You can register anytime within ten days after purchasing your phone along with Kupukoo

Q: If I didn’t get the mail with reference number then what should I do to link my policy?

A: You can email us at info@kupukoo.com and we will respond within 24 hours.

Q:  I have uploaded the invoice but I haven’t got the notification yet

A: Depending on your internet speed, the invoice upload may take a while to complete.The upload may be happening in the background and you will receive the notification once that is complete.

Q:My phone had a manufacturing defect and I got a replacement under warranty. What should I do to insure my new phone?

A: Please contact us at info@kupukoo.com to link your policy further.

Q:How many policies can I activate?

A: Only one policy can be activated on a phone

Q:I had forgotten to activate my policy. I dropped my phone and had it repaired. Can I activate the policy now and claim?

A: Yes you can. But Kupukoo works best when your policy is activated within ten days of purchase as that will help us serve you better.

Q:I have lost my invoice. How can I proceed?

A: Please contact us at info@kupukoo.com

Q: I have bought a phone from a mobile shop. Am I eligible to insure my phone using Kupukoo?

A: As of now you can buy Kupukoo only with a new phone. We may extend this service soon. Please check our website for updates.

Q: Where can I buy Kupukoo from?

A: The Kupukoo insurance product is bundled with the phone when you buy a new phone from leading e-commerce sites.

Q: I am not able to cancel my policy.

A: You may not be able to cancel the policy because of two reasons

  • * A policy can be cancelled only after 90 days from the date of activation 
  • * If you have an approved claim, you cannot cancel the policy

Q: I have lost my phone. Can I deactivate my policy?

A: Yes you can. Please contact us on info@kupukoo.com with all the details of the incident.

Q: What happens if I cancel my policy ? What about the cashback amount ? 

A: Your device will no longer be insured by Kupukoo. You will receive the accrued cashback subject to terms and conditions.

Q: My policy has expired. How can I get my cashback amount?

A: There is an option for you to use the cashback to renew your Kupukoo protection. You may be eligible for a cashback amount if you have no claims during the year.

Q: I don't remember the incident date. Can I provide an approximate date? Will there be any problem in approving my claim?

A: Yes you can provide an approximate date but your claim gets processed faster when you have all the accurate details provided as part of the claim.

Q: I don’t have an approved repairer shop near me. Can I provide a normal invoice from a local store?

A: Yes you can provide a normal invoice but your claim will be processed faster when you have a repair invoice from an approved repairer.

Q: I have repaired my phone from a small mobile store and I don’t have any invoice. What should I do in this case?

A: You can complete the claim process without an invoice. You can upload the after repairing the device.

Q: My claim is under review. What does that mean? When will it get approved?

A: This means that we are unable to process the claim automatically. Your claim is being reviewed and you may be contacted for additional information.