Insurance will never be the same again

Kupukoo enables you to be insured along with your friends and family. If your peer group has a low claims performance, everyone without claim gets shopping vouchers up to 40% of premium.

"World's first peer to peer smartphone insurance - now available in Indonesia"

No more waiting

Immediate policy activation and claims


Track your claims anytime, anywhere


You had no claim this year? Get a chance to up to 40% cash back vouchers

We provide protection for your smartphone

Accidental Damage

When your mobile phone stops working normally as the result of an unforeseen accident and due to a sudden or a deliberate act by someone other than you (including physical damage and liquid damage), we will repair or replace the phone.
Repair : If your mobile phone can be fixed by an authorized workshop appointed and/or agreed by us, we will reimburse your repair cost, with the maximum amount for repair as high as the replacement value.
Replace : If your mobile phone sustains a total damage and cannot be fixed by an authorized workshop appointed and/or agreed by us, we will replace your mobile phone with the same model. If your damaged mobile phone is no longer available in the market another equivalent model where the maximum amount of the replacement cost is as high as the original purchasing price will be provided.

Accidental Damage

Why is Kupukoo different?

Kupukoo is a self-service, Peer to peer insurtech platform that lets small groups of like minded people share risks and get protection.

Lower cost

Use of AI minimises manual effort and overheads. This benefit is passed on to you

Happy with claims

Our profits are not linked to claims. There is no motivation to deny a good claim

Your opinion counts

Claims are paid from a reserve you can view. Chatbot seeks your opinion when needed.

You are in good company

When joining, our software groups you with your dear and near ones

Get your money back

We return some of the premium when your group has fewer claims

Extra protection

If you run out of a claims reserve, an insurer steps in and pays the claim

You can buy Kupukoo

from select agents of Allianz or email and we will contact you to complete the purchase

  • All you have to do is download our app from the playstore and follow the instructions from Irene - our friendly AI chatbot

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Our friendly AI chatbot

Chat with Irene

Friendly - speaks Bahasa and English

Helps you

Activation process and Claims or questions about the policy

Thank you for your interest.

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